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Renewal business is what every insurance agency is built on. Are you an insurance agent at a different agency wishing you could start your own agency and finally get paid for renewals, and not just new business? Or are you an individual with contacts in real estate, business, etc. and want a part time career or start a different career path? There are currently three main options for individuals to take in opening an insurance agency.

  • Sign with a cluster group where you pay up to a $35,000 fee and then pay 10-15% in perpetuity. You get access to some insurance companies but not enough to make you competitive in a coastal market.
  • Sign with a management agency where you pay up to a $45,000 fee and then they handle customer service and all you need to handle is selling. Sounds great right? However, you may get 75% new business, but only 40% renewal business.
  • Start your own agency from scratch and spend months and years trying to get insurance companies for you to represent.

We have started a different and better way to own your book of business. We charge no initiation fee and pay 50% or higher for new and renewal business. We have spent a decade obtaining company contracts that will give our agents the competitive edge. Therefore, you start from day one with access to over fifty companies and no initiation fee.

If you are looking for a 9 to 5 job with a salary position and a boss, this is not for you. We are here to help you sell more. When you make more, we make more. We are not greedy and do not want 70% of your renewals. We want you to be motivated to go out and sell. Regardless of what percentage of new business you obtain from your current employer, it will never make up for having a lower renewal percentage.

If this sounds interesting, contact us below and we would love to talk about your future.



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