Home Insurance Cost in North Myrtle Beach, SC

Home Insurance Cost in North Myrtle Beach, SC

Home insurance in North Myrtle Beach, and surrounding areas, does not have to be confusing. We have over a decade of experience providing insurance policies to our clients along the South Carolina coast, particularly in North Myrtle Beach. Whether it’s a condo in Tidewater, a secondary home in Cherry Grove, or a rental property in Crescent Beach, we offer the best policies at the best premiums. Previously, you had to have a separate wind/hail policy, plus a standard home policy. We built our agency to provide affordable, easy to understand insurance policies that INCLUDE wind and hail coverage. Therefore, you will need only one policy to cover against fire, theft, liability, wind, hurricane, etc. If you elect to have flood insurance, that will remain a separate policy. Insurance premiums have decreased over the past five years as more competition has flooded the market. We represent over 50 insurance companies and all have an excellent financial rating through AM Best or Demotech.


What does home insurance cost in North Myrtle Beach, SC?

We get this question often. We insure primary homes, secondary homes, rental homes, etc. One of the main factors that influences premiums is the year built. The newer the home, the lower the base rate. However, older homes with newer roofs can see the same low rates. We build a policy for your needs. Therefore, you aren’t left paying for insurance you do not need. For example, if you do not have any Other Structures (fence, pool, etc.) you do not need to pay for $50,000 in Other Structures coverage.


Below are a few examples of annual premiums recently issued:


Example 1

Secondary Home without rental in Cherry Grove

$400,000 in coverage

Year Built: 2002

Roof Age: 2019

Annual Premium: $2,232


Example 2

Primary Home in Crescent Beach area

$300,000 in coverage

Year Built: 1985

Roof Age: 2005

Annual Premium: $1,965


Example 3

Oceanfront Secondary Home with seasonal rental in Cherry Grove

$750,000 in coverage

Year Built 2000

Roof Age: 2018

Annual Premium: $3,856


These are three recent examples of policies we have insured. Most agencies are set up to insure some homes, but mostly write auto insurance. Although we have several companies to insure your autos, we are primarily set up to focus on home insurance in Horry County, particularly east of the waterway.


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